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Naked Minis

If you are here to view My Naked Minis, here they are - have fun!

If you are not already aware, I sell these things!  I can make one custom for you!  If you would like a Custom Mini, you will need to contact Me in a Pogo game room.  I need to capture the Base Mini there and we will need to discuss the details of how you want the Mini to appear.

My Pogo Screen Name is:  KhrissiHamilton

The costs for Minis are as follows:

     1 Mini = $5.50

     2 Minis = $9.50

     3 Minis = $12.75

     Couples = $10.75

      Sex Positions = $16.00

All prices are subject to change at anytime.

For orders greater than three Minis, please ask. 

I no longer accept payments through the postal service. 

Some people have wanted to provide me with a tip to show their satisfaction with my work.  I have now added the option to leave a tip.  Thank you all who wish to leave one.

Many have asked, "Can these be used on Pogo?"  Sadly, the answer is, "No, Pogo does not allow people to upload their own images".  However, you can use them on MySpace, Face Book, Yahoo! Messenger, and any other location where you can upload .jpg images. 

Many of the people who do purchase these have posted them on MyPogoPage, MySpacePogo, or MyPogoSpot.  If you have never heard of those locations, they are similar to MySpace, but they are geared for Pogo Addicts.  The first two sites are owned by the same person (no, none are owned by Pogo) and he started charging to use those sites ($12/year).  The last site is owned by a separate person, and his site is free.  I can be found on all three sites, just look for My Pogo Screen Name. If you wish to sign up for any of them, go to:


Family Friendly

$12/year site fee

Adult Friendly

$12/year site fee

Not Monitored


A special thanks to Rhonda from MyPogoHookup. 

To visit her site click here


Click here to play at Pogo


Click on a Mini or the Mini's Caption to view a larger image.

I accept any of the following Payment methods thru PayPal:

Solution Graphics

You do not need to have a PayPal Account to use your credit card or bank card at PayPal's site.  The transaction is still free, private, and secure.



If you wish to leave a tip you may do so by clicking on the Donate button below.

You may pay at anytime.  The Mini(s) will be released upon receipt of payment.



You do not need  to have Yahoo Messenger to use this PingBox.  Please create a User Name before sending a message.

To create a User Name, click "Nickname".  Type in your name and press Enter or Send. To keep your name, check the Remember Me box.


First Naked Mini

My Naked Mini

My Boy









Your Mini

Could Be HERE!


Boo's Elfette

Boo's Sexy Mrs. Claus

Boo's Mrs. Claus















Kash n Kay

Kash & Kay 69


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